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Şahmeran Bracelet
Pirnus Diamond, which meets the needs of women who need jewelry designs that will perfectly complement the clothes they choose with great care, can be found on the online store by Pirnus Diamond.
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With their historical background, which dates back to ancient civilizations, the jewelery continues to have the same importance, especially for women, as it has in the past, thanks to its powerful aspects that have become a cultural symbol. Sahmeran bracelet models named after a mythological female figure whose head is human and snake body in Anatolian culture; It is among the elegant and flamboyant jewelery that women use to decorate their hands with their extraordinary designs which stand out among other types of classical jewelry. Various objects adorn the middle point of the hand on the hand of the shahmer, where the chain passed to the middle or ring finger of the hand reaches up to the wrist and connected to the wristband. Sahmeran models are designed with many different ornaments ranging from geometrical shapes to flower motifs, figures such as stars, hearts and animal symbols; earrings, necklaces, such as the harmony with the auxiliary jewelry to create stylish sets.
Sahmeran bracelet models in Pirnus Diamond's exclusive product catalog; rose, green and white gold and decorated with colored stones designed with varieties that prioritize traditional jewelry and modern designs are presented to the likes of those who like. Golden chain models, which fill the eye with the fine structure of the chains and the minimal appearance of the motifs used on it, reach you as practical jewelery that women may prefer to support the elegance of the clothes in daily life or special days.
If you want to add a creative and unusual look to the jewelry you use to activate your clothes, you can take a look at the royal jewelery available at Pirnus Diamond's online store. You can buy the royal models that you can choose according to your taste and style at any time via Pirnus Diamond's online shop with different payment methods.