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Ottoman Series
Pirnus Diamond, which is designed by blending the jewelry which is among the indispensable accessory options of women with both modern style and traditional elements, is waiting for you to review the Ottoman series jewelry collection produced for women who want to express their respect for their roots and cultures with their jewels!
If you wish to add an ethnic atmosphere to your style in the organizations you are participating in, you can explore the options of Ottoman series monogram necklaces, which you can use to support the traditional combinations you create in your daily life, in the online catalog of Pirnus Diamond.
Carry the Traces of History on your Neck with Monogram Necklaces!
As one of the most beautiful symbols of Ottoman culture, Pirnus Diamond's online catalog contains gold necklace models with tuğra motifs that continue to decorate many accessories without losing its value from the past to the present.
Ottoman frames decorated with colored stones, mainly white and green, necklaces made of small round gold plates arranged on a simple chain, and Ottoman series jewelery consisting of gold tassels pendants placed at the end of drops or oval shaped frames; Ethnic look is aimed at dazzling your neck. Ottoman series tugra necklaces are designed with the brilliant images of green gold and presented to your taste as elegant pieces produced in 22 carat, which is the purest form of gold. Wedding, engagement, wedding, and similar special moments of your relatives, you can share the authentic charm of the environment by completing your clothes in the organizations where you share the monogram necklace models can be presented as a gift to your loved ones to use for investment purposes.
If you want to combine elegance and traditionalism with your accessories you use in different environments, you can examine the monogram necklaces of Ottoman series prepared by Pirnus Diamond for you through online catalog and you can buy your favorite products at any time by using installment opportunities to various credit cards!