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Drop Series
Pirnus Diamond has been able to cater to many different tastes and needs with its creative designs. with its complex structures consisting of several pieces, it offers drop sets that allow you to use both individually and as a team in the privileged product catalog!
In addition to the clothes you choose to wear in daily life, you can make a striking touch to your elegance and revive your style easily with the drop series jewelry sets that will shine on the evening dresses which are among the indispensables of special days!
Necklace, Earring and Ring Sets
Drops of jewelery in Pirnus Diamond's online catalog, which includes inspiration from the inseparable integrity of earrings and pendants, and sets created from the perfect harmony of gold rings, earrings and pendants; dazzling designs and useful structures that can easily be added to the style of every woman.
The necklace, ring and gold earrings created by their designs resemble a drop at first glance. yellow, black and white colors with shining stones and models produced using green gold. The rings of the drop series jewelry sets, in which the geometric shapes consisting mainly of colored stones are used and the end part is finished in round, square, oval and triangular shape, consist of the cross-meeting of the two ends which do not connect with each other, the earrings are designed in the style of fixed earrings.
In the Pirnus Diamond's online catalog where you can access the ambitious models that can be preferred by those who care about the accessories, you can reach the options that come to life in minimal style, and the drop series jewelry in the online catalog gives you the opportunity to catch the rhythm of the era with your modern looks. Whether you want to enrich your style or present it to your relatives as a gift, you can check the drop sets through Pirnus Diamond's online shop and order your favorite models thanks to the secure shopping system offered to you around the clock!