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22K Gold Bracelets
22K gold bracelet models, which can be used as elegant accessories to complete their clothes almost everywhere from women's daily lives to stylish events they attend and special events, are waiting for you in the online catalog!
Experience Pirnus Diamond Quality with 22K Bracelets!
The 22K bracelet types, which consist of a large proportion of pure gold, are not only accessories that women can easily carry on their wrists, but they are also very elegant pieces that give women a sparkling appearance with their eye-catching brightness and remarkable designs. The 22K bracelets, which are designed to support the styles for those who adopt the minimal style of clothing, and for women whose display is important in their dresses, showcasing an important place in the clothes, reach you with Pirnus Diamond quality.
Pirnus Diamond's collection, created with great grace, stands out with its designs that respect the unique style of women; It consists of a variety of bracelet models that can easily adapt to any style arising from the perfect combination of yellow gold and green gold. Designed with square, round and similar geometric objects, thin or thick chains with various patterns and small colored stones, 22K bracelet models are offered in three or two rows and in imprint form. The products in the online catalog which contains 22K bracelet models which are produced according to the needs of women with different styles; It also stands out with its angular or round design and chained options.
You can find the practical and stylish accessories you can use in every area of ​​your life from Pirnus Diamond’s online catalog! You can check the 22K gold bracelet models with different styles and models through the online store and buy them at any time by using the payment methods offered to you!